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Container built in 2014. Floor is damaged. See photos.
  • Price $2975
  • Container-ID DRYU422574-9
This container is being sold 'as is' because of the dents and holes.
  • Price $1775
  • Container-ID TGHU830192-3
This container is being sold 'as is' because of the dents and holes.
  • Price $1575
  • Container-ID HDMU632208-0
This container is being sold 'AS IS.' The doors open and shut but do not come all the way together and light comes through the doors when they are shut and locked.
  • Price $2625
  • Container-ID TTNU309073-7

Dimensions of a Shipping Container

20sm 40sm 40highsm

Thanks Out-Back Storage!

Dear Out-Back Storage, Thank you for your patience. You guys did a great job!

Thank you again, Michael R. Preservation Woodworking

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your container will be delivered via flatbed truck or truck and trailer and backed onto your property. The driver will need 75' of straight clearance to deliver a 20' shipping container and 100' for a 40' shipping container. You must determine which direction the container should face when loaded for delivery. For more frequently asked questions, click here 

20' Shipping Container Dimensions


40' Shipping Container Dimensions