About Us


I started OutBack Storage® in 2004 with a small rental fleet of storage containers in Westerly, RI. The growth in real estate, construction, and the overall economy in the three years following fueled our growth propelling us to become a leader in the portable storage industry in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

In 2007, OutBack Storage® acquired the inventory of a competitive storage container business in Connecticut, adding containers and another delivery truck to our fleet, further increasing our footprint in the Connecticut market.  

In 2009, we purchased a facility to accommodate our growing company. This location included a large office, over an acre of paved ground to store containers and easy access to major highways.

In 2010, we saw the enormous potential of shipping container modifications and began offering the installation of windows, doors, lock boxes, and vents in shipping containers.   

In 2014, we had grown out of our facility and bought a larger facility. Our current location still has easy access to major highways but includes a 10,000 square foot building to work on containers and over 6 acres for containers. Our ability to refurbish, modify, and fix containers faster and easier allows us to serve our customers better at our new facility.

I feel that we have successfully grown OutBack Storage® because of our consistent attention to our customers’ needs and by providing the best personalized service in the storage container industry.  

My philosophy is simple:

  • Offer my rental customers a clean container at an affordable price.  
  • Offer my customer who want to buy a shipping container a variety of sizes, conditions, and prices to meet all budgets.
  • By listing each individual container we have for sale online, my customers can feel confident that the container they are purchasing will meet their needs.
  • Finally, deliver the container when the customer wants it within the timeframe specified.