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Do you have belongings, materials, or valuables you need to put in storage at your Providence location? In business since 2004, we are a pacesetter in furnishing clean, ground level shipping containers that Providence customers require. Shipping containers are available for rent or purchase in various sizes and can be delivered promptly due to our convenient location. We transport throughout the Rhode Island area encompassing Barrington, Burrillville, East Greenwich, Johnston, Newport, Westerly, and Woonsocket.  Businesses located in Providence, the capital city of Rhode Island and home to RISD, Brown, Waterfire, and the Roger Williams Zoo, can obtain quality containers at low prices from us due to our location in Rhode Island and our focus on execution. Regardless of your location in the Rhode Island area, we can satisfy your storage requirements with well-maintained, secure shipping container-based storage approaches. 

There is a vast selection of shipping containers provided, making choosing demanding for those unfamiliar with the experience. We will work with you in determining your application’s individual requirements so you can choose the best shipping container based on attributes like dimension, footprint, and characteristics. Rental boxes are recently manufactured containers which are wind and water tight and make a great solution for storing goods safely for the short term. . Containers for sale range from new to pre-owned, 20′ to 40′, and include characteristics such as double doors, open sides, and high cubes. Whatever your storage requirements, we can help you address them. 

Different shipping containers are called for in varied situations. A residence that requires more storage space can utilize the container as a storage shed or garage area. During renovations or other home improvement projects, gear and supplies can be saved on location. Prepping a home for sale can be undertaken rapidly by depositing clutter into a shipping container. Numerous companies can make use of the additional capacity a container provides for inventory purposes. Because units are secure and watertight, they are simply the ideal alternative for preserving documents safely. These easily transportable boxes have numerous applications.

Our adjacent proximity to Providence and easy access to I-95, I-395, and Route 1 all make delivering in Providence a snap. All of our deliveries are carried out on tilt bed vehicles that can efficiently slide a unit into place. Unloading can be accomplished with a solitary tilt-bed, without any other machinery involved. Delivery can be scheduled within two days for end users that require a shipping container as soon as possible. Rented units can be picked up just as quickly. 

Getting the Job Done With Us  – We’re Easy to Work With
We are easy to get in touch with and deal with to obtain a shipping container. Comprehensive guidance on the shipping containers, the rental and buying processes, and our company can be found on our web site. Shipping containers can be inspected via images on our web site, typically from a number of angles. This ensures that potential clients know what they are getting. Our friendly staff is available Monday through Friday, Nine to Five to highlight our current stock. You can be confident you are procuring a tidy, quality unit from a locally managed company, irrespective of whether you order in person or over telephone. 

Objects People Commonly Put in Shipping Containers
Just about everything you might need to store can easily be stored in a shipping container. For Providence homeowners, they are great for anything you would typically put in a storage shed, such as mowers, motorized vehicles, gardening tools, and power tools. Since they are watertight, during the course of a remodeling, they can conveniently hold family goods including furniture pieces, clothing, books, or even building materials Businesses can securely store stock and essential materials in a container, instead of cluttering their office or store. Construction equipment is ideal for keeping in a shipping container; sizable items such as backhoes, forklifts, commercial lawn mowers, et cetera are often put in storage in this way. A shipping container can even fulfill the function of a workshop, if you install shelving brackets. 

Should I Rent or Purchase a Shipping Container? 
At our facility, we have shipping containers for lease and for buying. Quite a few people do not know which option they ought to pick. Leasing a container is usually ideal for short-term projects or requirements. If the container will be utilized for under a year, leasing is normally a better option in financial terms. Purchasing can be a more effective choice in the case of conditions requiring longer term storage (such as a backyard shed). In advance of purchasing a container, it is a good idea to get in touch with the Providence municipal zoning authorities to ensure that they are allowed. 

Shipping Containers are a *great* Alternative to Self-Storage 
The majority of people are familiar with self storage, but our approach is unique. Making your goods available on-site whenever you have use for them is a significant benefit over the self-storage method. With a container at your site, you can decide precisely where it will be placed and can utilize it at any time . Lots of mini storage establishments are only open certain periods of the day, but with on site storage, they may be accessed at all times. If you’d desire to employ an on-site unit as a workspace, you can even modify it with lighting, electric power, and shelves. By having a container on-site, there are many more uses and more accessibility.

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