Modification FAQ

Modifying a shipping container by adding roll doors, man doors, windows or vents is a great way to get more use out of a shipping container. We offer several shipping container modification options and can install them in a variety of ways. Here are some answers to common questions we receive about customizing a shipping container.

Q: Can I buy the accessories uninstalled?
A: We don’t ship modification products but people can come pick them up or we can put them inside of a container they are purchasing.

Q: Can I have you install multiple items on one side of a container?
A: Yes, we can install multiple windows and doors to one side of a container although we do like to keep them separated by at least 12” to keep the structural integrity of the container.

Q: Can I create a dimensional drawing showing the modifications I would like to make and where I would like them on the shipping container?
A: Yes use the ‘Get A Quote To Modify A Container’ button, complete the form, and upload your .pdf or .jpg file of your dimensional drawing. We may suggest slight changes to your drawing, such as moving modifications over a few inches to keep them even with the containers vertical ridges but can accommodate just about any configuration.

Q: What size containers can you modify?
A: We can add modifications to 20’ shipping containers, 40’ shipping containers and 40’ high cube containers. Only the 40’ high cube containers can have the 6’ x 7’4” and 8’ x 7’4” roll door installed.

Q: Do you build shipping container homes?
A: No we do not currently build shipping container homes.

Q: Can I buy the modification accessories uninstalled?
A: Yes, we are happy to sell uninstalled shipping container modification accessories.

Q: Can I have you cut holes in the container without adding a modification?
A: Yes, we are happy to cut holes in the container to your specification.