"Why go to a storage facility... When we can bring the storage facility to you?"®
"Why go to a storage facility...
When we can bring the storage facility to you?"®

20' Container

20' Containers that we provide are all of steel construction.  Some are "one trip" containers, which are manufactured in Asia,  and then sent to the United States loaded with cargo (since they are going in that direction anyway).  One-trip containers are usually of high quality.  Our other containers are refurbished, meaning we have put them through a standardized process we've developed to remove rust, and to paint and reseal them.  Refurbished containers are often fit for purpose and respectable in appearance; many of our customers find refurbished containers to be a great value.

Our customers 20 foot containers are used for numerous purposes, including on construction job sites to provide a secure area for tools and materials, retailers storing inventory for seasonal purposes, individuals storing cars and motorcycles; some hunters even use them on remote properties as a form of shelter. 

Our 20' containers can be either rented or purchased.  They come standardized with a door at one end; modifications (such as a "man-door", or windows, or various other options) can be made on a custom basis. 

20' container inventory is viewable on our website; you can view photographs of each container from various angles. 

Dimensions of many of our containers are often 20' x 8' x 8.5', and the interior volume is roughly 1,170 cubic feet.  More detailed information on 20' container dimensions, and 20' container weight, and other characteristics can be viewed in our Container Buyer's Guide    

20' Containers For Sale

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