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How to store your holiday décor? Hint, it ends with a shipping container!

Holiday Décor Storage

If you are like us, you may tend to go overboard with your holiday decorations.  We have bins of ornaments, many many strings of lights, artificial wreaths and more.  Since we are in the business of storage containers, we thought we’d share some ideas we’ve come across over the years.

Storing Christmas Lights

Avoid the dreaded tangled mess of lights by separating your strings and labeling them in some way such as outdoor, indoor, the name of a tree, etc.  The idea below is a cheap, quick and easy way to keep your lights tangle-free and organized.  Take scraps of cardboard from your holiday packages and wrap your lights around them labeling each.  If this simple trick is too much for you, you can easily re-use old shopping bags to separate your light strings.

Protecting Christmas Ornaments

Beautiful glass Christmas ornaments are keepsakes to be treasured in most families.  Each year, we carefully wrap and unwrap each one.  If you use glass balls, an egg carton can be a great way to separate and protect each one.  Special storage boxes can also be purchased, but we’ve found that the simple, cheap solutions sometimes work best!

Storing Wrapping Paper

Storing wrapping paper can be so frustrating!  In our house, we have a special bench with a small shelf for wrapping paper storage.  This suits us just fine but you may want something more compact.  We found this creative idea using a shoe hanger to organize and store wrapping paper simply and easily.

Photo credit:  Hative.com 

What to do with all of the holiday stuff after the holidays?

From lights to ornaments, to wrapping paper and even artificial trees, holiday decorating takes a lot of storage space!  While storage containers, also known as shipping containers, are typically used for more industrial purposes, a storage container using shelving and some of the above ideas, can be a great place to store seasonal decorations between holidays.  Storage containers come in a variety of sizes, including 10 foot, which is a great size for keeping all of your decorations in one place, organized, dry and rodent-free.  Visit our website to see our current container inventory as well as shelving options.  We look forward to seeing your Christmas displays and wish you the best of luck in storing and organizing for next year.


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