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Customized Shipping Container Serves as a Front Yard Shed

Custom shed using a 10’ shipping container

Customized shipping container serves as a front yard shed

Many of our customers purchase shipping containers to be used as a backyard shed, however, in this instance, neither a shed nor a shipping container would solve the customer problem.  The wooden shed which sat in the client’s front yard for years had become infested with mice and standard deterrents such as traps and sonic rodent repellents didn’t solve the problem.  The client tried filling holes and tightening the doors, but the problem persisted.  A custom solution was required to satisfy the need for an attractive front yard aesthetic, to meet neighborhood requirements for outbuildings, and to ultimately solve the rodent problem.

A custom shipping container solution

The client selected a new 10-foot one-trip wind and water tight shipping container in standard gray.  The container size was close to the footprint of the original wooden shed, and it was equipped with vents, freshly finished floor and a lock box.  Additionally, container ramps were added ramps in order to easily store lawn equipment and bikes.

Rodent-proof storage solution

With the 10-foot container as the foundation, the client hired a contractor to add synthetic ‘cedar’ shingles, build a roof, and cover the container lock box and mechanisms.  Leftover roof shingles were used to cover the roof a provide for a perfect match to the home’s façade.  The new container shed not only looked great but solved the rodent problem immediately.  Container shed contents are now rodent and bug free, dry and secure.

While a custom container may be cost prohibitive for many people, this is a good example of how a little ingenuity and a skilled craftsman can really make a container into something beautiful and functional.

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