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Where Can I Buy Shipping Containers

If you have a storage need, you may well be wondering: where can I buy shipping containers? Or perhaps you are unfamiliar with – they are large boxes that have been shipped around the world containing goods. The boxes come in standard sizes and typical lengths of 20’ and 40’. There are various options for these containers, such as varying doors and heights. These units make excellent on-site and portable storage for residential and commercial use. Once you’ve learned more about the types of containers, the next thought will naturally be, where can I buy shipping containers?

Where can I buy shipping containers in person?

Just by searching on the internet, it’s easy to see that there are a variety of distributors around the nation which sell these containers, otherwise known as storage containers. There are some benefits to buying a container from these local companies. The staff likely has a vast knowledge of the units, which is beneficial to someone who has never purchased one before. They can probably provide a great variety of sizes and conditions, making it easy to buy exactly the storage box that you want and need. Also, going with a local distributor can be convenient for the purposes of seeing the unit before purchasing it. When it comes to delivery options, these businesses typically provide on-site delivery where you need it, shipping easily on their own fleet of trucks and trailers. This can be a help because most people are not equipped with their own truck and trailer. Sometimes they may also provide other options such as renting or lease-to-own. Many of the companies might offer container conversion as a service, such as installing a window or door. The only drawback to all the options and service is that the prices tend to be higher.

Where can I buy shipping containers online through auctions?

There are numerous online venues to buy shipping containers. Some buyers may decide to use a website such as eBay. A small business such as the businesses that were previously described, tend not to sell units on eBay. On eBay, auctions are set up for most varieties of units. Most of the time, the seller has delivery options set up, but this usually costs more. At other times, a seller ships the unit from a port that is closest to the buyer; this may reduce shipping costs depending on where the buyer is located. There also are some downsides to buying on eBay. There is usually no option of seeing the box in person before it is bid on. Often, the pictures are of a similar unit and not the exact unit that is going to be purchased. The prices might be low, but there is really no guarantee that you will get what’s wanted or expected.

Where can I buy shipping containers in online classified advertisements?

A huge website that hosts local classified ads is craigslist. This website has separate listings for different areas. On craigslist, businesses and individuals sell their containers. Many people include pictures of the various angles of the units and their contact information. If a buyer is looking at the listings in their local area, they should be able to see the unit in person and the prices are usually very low. However, some serious potential negatives may be involved with buying on craigslist because occasionally scams are involved and one often has to figure out the delivery logistics oneself, which can be costly. It might take a long time to find exactly the box you want on craigslist since listings are posted sporadically.

Hopefully, this article has successfully answered the question, ‘where can I buy shipping containers?’. There are many distributors around the country that can get the container that you want, at the price you can afford. Online there are various options as well. eBay and craigslist are options for finding units that might be close by, or as a private sale, but shipping container distributors can often provide more a more consistent and reliable purchasing experience. So if anyone asks, ‘where can I buy shipping containers’, you should be able to answer their question by responding “I know!”.


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