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Used Shipping Containers

The quality of used shipping containers varies based on the individual container’s life history.  Often they can be purchased significantly cheaper than their original, new price.

So-called “one-trip” containers are generally referred to in the industry as being “new”, for a simple reason.  Most containers are manufactured close to where Asian consumer goods factories exist and are then used to ship consumer goods to North America and Europe.  Then some of these “one-trip” containers are sold as “new”.  “Used” containers, on the other hand, have either had several round-trips over the seas, or they have been used in some subsequent unrelated application and have taken some punishment.

We work to ensure our used containers are of good quality and provide exceptional value to our customers.  In some cases, we refurbish containers (primarily by removing rust and repainting them – rust is an issue that we find almost universally affects used containers).

We have the capability of delivering used containers throughout New England and can generally place a container in a specified spot on a particular property, provided there is sufficient maneuvering space to do so.  Our dedicated staff can work with you to select the right container for your application and plan out the logistics of delivery.

Out-Back Storage has a variety of used shipping containers available, and we post photos of each individual container for sale right on our website – just click on the “Current Inventory” menu item on the upper right for a look!


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