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Cost of Container Storage Varies Based On the Application

Cost of container storage varies based on your particular use and application. Containers come in many sizes and with different modifications and consequently can vary widely in price. A simple container targeted at a backyard storage application can be difficult to compare with a container that has had extensive modifications made to it for a business to use as a temporary office.  As with all products, you really need to “go inside” the product and drill into the details when comparing prices, in order to understand your options.

Shipping a Container
Many people use containers for their intended use – shipping goods.   Containers can be purchased from local companies and shipped around the world on large cargo ships. Some reasons for sending boxes worldwide is for moving household goods, donating goods to less fortunate places, or moving merchandise for a company.   However, not every container can be put back into operation for cargo storage on ships.   To ship a container, the box must first be certified.  This certification shows that the unit is in optimum condition and functions.   Most of the time, new or ‘one-trip’ containers are certified. While an older container can be re-certified, doing so will drive up the cost of container storage.

Specialty Containers

Standard units are 8.5’ tall, 8’ wide, and have doors at one end.  The most common lengths are 20’ and 40’.  Other specialty containers have differing lengths, heights, and a number of doors.  These containers are almost always more expensive to purchase and ship.  The cost of container storage can be much higher on these boxes (often called “Conex” boxes) versus standard units.  If your use does not require a taller container or more doors, then buying a standard unit is usually a better idea.

Although specialty containers can have more than one door, the doors are still rugged industrial doors.   Many buyers have so-called “man doors” (for humans to walk through) and “roll-up doors” installed to make the open and closing easier. When people want to utilize the container as a home or office, modifications such as doors, windows, and electrical systems are necessary.  The cost of container storage with modifications rises significantly with these improvements.  Installing doors and windows can double the price of a container storage box.

Storing Goods for a Residence or Business
For people who need extra space, having a box at their home or business is a great idea.  A used standard container that is ‘wind and watertight’ can be dropped exactly where it’s needed.  This usually keeps the cost of container storage cheap.  There are no modifications needed, certifications, or other special features needed for these most common types of storage applications.

What Amount are You Willing to Spend?

Containers can be used for so many purposes, from storage sheds to homes.   The price of units can be drastically different based on the various applications.  If storing goods in your backyard with a standard sized container is what you are doing, the costs will be relatively low.  Pricing of containers that can be shipped internationally on cargo vessels will be higher.  The most expensive containers are specialty units and any with modifications.   Properly aligning your requirements with the features of the container you’re considering will help to ensure you don’t overpay for your shipping container.


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