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Conex for Sale: What is a Conex Container

Conex boxes for sale are modular, reusable steel shipping containers used for transporting goods around the world, by container ship, railcar, and truck.  Their standard sizes are specified by ISO standards which were created by the International Maritime Organization.   Standardized sizes and features allow these containers to be easily stacked, loaded, unloaded, opened, and organized for efficient transport.  The standardization of these containers has led some to utilize them for other purposes: pre-fabricated offices, modular homes, and even as modular data center infrastructure (including power and cooling integrated right into the container).

These containers are made of steel; in the 1970’s many were manufactured of aluminum but this is no longer the case, aluminum being more expensive than steel.  Conex boxes are offered for sale as either new or used.  “New” containers are actually not brand-new, they are more typically what are called “One-Trip” containers – i.e. manufactured in Asia and then sent to North America with consumer goods inside of them.

Conex containers are used very commonly as inexpensive onsite storage containers.  They are very often seen in use at:

– Construction job sites for storing tools and materials. – Residences for storing lawn and garden equipment, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and other valuables. – Temporary storage and shelter on hunting properties.

These containers usually have a door opening at one end giving access to the interior; their exterior is usually painted, to discourage rust.  Problems with used containers can include dents, doors that have trouble opening, and rusty areas that threaten structural integrity (or even, in extreme cases, actual holes).

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