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A Shipping Container Near Me?… Well, That Depends on the Definition of ‘Near’ – Considerations to Think About Before Arranging a Shipping Container Delivery

Although ordering a storage container (also known as a shipping container) is a simple process, there are some things to consider before placing the order for a shipping container delivery.  Knowing the answers to these simple questions before calling to place the order will make the process a smooth one…

Physical Distance from the Container Firm

Our experience has been that shipping costs limit the selection of container firms most people can consider; roughly two to three states is probably the furthest that makes sense for most situations.  In our case, for instance, we focus on servicing New England; sending a shipping container for delivery to California on a truck, for instance, does not make much sense when the port of Long Beach already has thousands of containers coming in.  In our case, most customers are looking for Shipping Containers Near ME, MA, RI, NH, CT, and VT, so our location in Westerly Rhode Island, with easy access to I-95, has proved a great location to serve the area.

Where on your property will the container be placed? This is by far the most important question to have considered before calling to place an order for a shipping container delivery. Keep in mind that we rent 20’ long containers.  To place the container on your property, we need a minimum of 75’ in a straight line to offload it.  That encompasses the length of the truck and container in a straight line leaving enough room in from of the truck to maneuver out of the drop zone.  If purchasing a 40’ long container, we need a minimum of 125’ in a straight line to offload.

Which way would you like the doors of the containers facing when it is dropped on site?  We can load the container on the delivery truck one of two ways.  We can load it with the doors of the container: 1) facing the cab of the truck or 2) facing the rear (back) of the truck. When we arrive at the drop site, we back into the spot to unload the container.  We then slide the bed of the truck back until the container touches the ground, then we gently slide the bed of the truck out from under the container.  Having the doors of the container facing one way or the other will typically make it easier for you to load and unload as the doors may be closer to the door of a house or building you may be walking out of with items you are putting in the container.

Is there a dumpster (trash bin) on site that the container will block?  Quite often, storage containers are used during a remodel or after some type of damage to property such as flood or fire.  Typically there is a trash dumpster brought on site.  Keep in mind that trash dumpsters will often be emptied a couple of times during the remodel.  If the dumpster arrives at the job site first and the container is placed between it and the road, the dumpster will not be able to be emptied unless calling us back to move the storage container.

Can the container be placed on the road in front of the property?  Quite often, in tightly situated properties, we are asked if we can place the container on the road in front of the property.  Unfortunately, we are not able to place the container on the road.  Insurance regulations, as well as zoning regulations, prohibit us from doing so.

How does payment work?  At the time of delivery of a rental shipping container, we collect for the delivery, pickup, and first month’s rent.  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.  The credit cards we accept are American Express, Visa, and Mastercard.  When paying by credit card, we prefer it if you call the office to make payment before receiving your container.  If paying by check or cash, you can give it to the driver.  If you’re buying a container, the same applies as when renting a container, however, there is no pickup fee.

Who will be on site to accept delivery?  At delivery of a rental container, we require that someone be onsite to 1) Show us where to place the storage container.  2) Sign the contract. 3) Pay for the rental fees.  At delivery of a container being purchased, the same applies except there is no contract to sign.

If you’re asking yourself, “where can I purchase shipping containers near me?”, you’ve come to the right place.  We have both the expertise and the capability to position a container in just the right spot for your application; contact us now and our friendly and attentive staff will help you through the process.


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