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40′ Shipping Containers for Sale

When looking for a 40′ shipping container for sale there are a few good tips to keep in mind, particularly if you have no experience dealing with them (let’s face it, it’s not like they teach you the ins and outs of shipping containers in high school or college). Sometimes it seems like the best deal for a 40′ shipping container for sale is on Craigslist.org or other local online marketplaces. Sometimes these offers of one-off sales of a shipping container can be misleading, so there are a few good tips to keep in mind before purchasing.

First, be sure to inquire about any damage to the container, oftentimes containers are dented and begin to rust after a few intercontinental trips, being aware of this damage is imperative. Second, inquire about shipping – what is the availability of shipping, have they delivered a shipping container before? Will they be able to put the container in the right location on your property?


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