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20' x 8' x 8.5' Tall - "GENTLY USED / One Trip" Shipping/Storage Container -Wind and Watertight-Gray

Shipping Container ID FLZU203060-8 Length Condition ,

This is as gently used storage container as you can buy here in the United States.  It was built new in China then shipped here to the US with a load of goods in it.  Once in the US it was unloaded and then taken into our inventory to be sold.

In addition, this container is wind and watertight.**Keep in mind that even “One Trip” containers can have dents and dings in them as they are loaded and unloaded once before we purchase them.

This container has:

  • 8.5 Feet Tall
  • 2 Vents 
  • Lock BoThis container has an oil stain on the floor.

This container has 16 screws in the walls of the containers that were used for shelving.  They have been sealed and are wind and watertight.  



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