Loft Shelving - 1000L

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The loft shelf spans the width of the container and creates a wide (48″) single shelf that hangs about 27″ below the container ceiling.

Shelf Depth: 48″
Bracket Rating: 900lbs (for each bracket, two brackets up to 1800lbs, three brackets 2700lbs, four brackets 3600lbs)
2 brackets included. Lumber NOT included.

  • Create a loft area in the high space of the container, 2 brackets included. Additional brackets can be supported from below. Provides approximately 5’3″* of clearance under the loft in a standard container or 6 feet 3 inches* under the loft a high cube container.
  • NOT INCLUDED – ¾” plywood, use as a platform for the loft. Can be used with or without the platform.
  • Load ratings are per bracket and should not exceed 900 lbs per bracket arm or 1800 lbs. per bracket
  • At least two brackets needed to make a shelf. Adding more brackets allows for greater capacity.
  • *Space from the shelf to the floor depends on shipping container lash ring location.
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