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Store Out of Season Inventory Using Storage Containers

Every year retailers are faced with the challenge of what to do with out of season or seasonal inventory.  Storage containers are a simple way to keep your business organized and safely store inventory until next season to prevent inventory loss, theft and damage.  Some retailers choose to rent storage containers seasonally while others prefer the long-term investment of purchasing a storage container for their seasonal inventory storage needs.

Organizing Inventory in a Storage Container

While the extra space of a storage container is great, it is sometimes difficult to keep inventory organized.   When using a shipping container to store seasonal inventory, it’s important to work with a supplier who can also provide organization solutions such as shelving brackets, bicycle hooks, and clothing racks.  Having inventory at the ready will save you time and money next season.

Securing Inventory in a Storage Container

One of the biggest issues for retailers as of late is reducing theft in their stores.  A secure, wind and water tight storage container can help secure inventory and give you peace of mind that your inventory will make it until next season intact and in good condition.  

Storage containers can make a great temporary or permanent addition to your inventory management strategy, especially in seasonal businesses.  Contact OutBack Storage Containers today to discuss our container sales and rental solution to support your business.

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