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Securing A Shipping Container for Storage

Securing A Shipping Container

Shipping containers are a convenient and affordable means of storing goods and equipment. They provide a wind and water tight, and rodent-free space for storing goods of varying sizes. A shipping container can be used for any number of purposes, including storing equipment and farm implements, contractor storage on job sites, managing seasonal retail items, or simply storing items that you don’t use every day in your home. However, some people wonder how to ensure maximum security for their shipping container.

It is important to understand that securing a container is very important for any company or homeowner concerned about theft of the container contents. There are various steps you can take to secure your container from thieves and also to keep it safe from potential damage or destruction. These measures will vary according to the type of container but can be implemented for most types of shipping containers.  One of the most common methods of securing a container is through the use of padlocks.  A variety of padlocks can be obtained, including bolt lockboxes, double cylinder lock boxes, and keyed padlock locks. A popular type of padlock is a double cylinder lock (which can be very difficult to open for some), and it’s important to purchase a container with a lock box, which some say is the single best thing you can do to prevent thieves from breaking into your container.  Bridge fittings can also be used to secure a shipping container.  

Padlocks are an important means of securing cargo in a shipping container. They can be used to provide security in a variety of ways, including internal and external securing. Internal securing usually involves securing a cargo container’s doors. The door will be controlled by a double cylinder pin fitted into one of the side’s pins. These types of padlocks often come with a matching key.

A double cylinder lockbox is a favorite among shipping providers because it provides an extra layer of security. These types of locks are often used to provide additional security for smaller cargo containers that may not have the security and strength needed for securing larger goods. A double cylinder lockbox can be opened by a common household tool such as a screwdriver or a small pick. They are a poor choice for securing cargo in a large shipping container, however.

There is also a bolt seal lock, which is a popular option for securing goods inside of a shipping container. This type of locking device is designed for securing items in a vertical position. They are made up of heavy-duty metal housing and a series of hollow metal cylinders that contain the pins. Each cylinder can be locked with a single pin and turned with a key. Once locked, the locking mechanism can be locked and unlocked with a key. This type of locking device is a popular choice among freight forwarders.

To add an additional layer of security, some contractors, business owners and homeowners may choose to buy or rent a shipping container and keep it at a secure, fenced facility with lighting and security cameras.  This method is extremely popular for those who may not have the space to place a container on their own property or for those who are looking for an extra security for their goods and equipment.  With today’s modern technology, it is easier than ever to secure your container quickly and economically using the right equipment for the job.

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