"Why go to a storage facility... When we can bring the storage facility to you?"®
"Why go to a storage facility...
When we can bring the storage facility to you?"®

Storage Containers for Moving Your Household Goods

Storage Containers for Moving

Who can move the container?

The easiest way to move the container would be to put it on the back of a truck. If your container is 40’ or smaller, you can have it put on a flatbed trailer. If you have a larger container, you might have a more difficult time finding a truck to carry the container. Contacting a nationwide trucking broker is often the best option to find a trucker, if you are moving the container a considerable distance.  If the move is only a few towns away or less than 150 miles, it might be advantageous to find a local trucking company.

What do I do with storage containers for moving after the move?

There are a few options for a shipping container after you have used it to move. Most people will buy the container with the intention of using it as backyard storage. Containers are a great substitute for a shed. In most cases, containers are larger and cheaper than sheds.  Be sure to know about local ordinances on containers and if they are taxable. If you don’t want the box sitting in your yard, you can sell it.  There is probably a local shipping container company that might want to buy it from you. The container can also be sold by placing a classified advertisement.

How much stuff are you moving?

Containers come in many different sizes.  A standard 20’ container is 20’ long, 8’ wide, and 8.5’ tall.  All containers are a standard width of 8’ but the height can also be 9.5’ tall.  Lengths of container can be 10’, 20’, 40’, 45’, 48’, and 53’ long.   With the sizes of containers differing greatly, keep in mind the square footage of your home and the goods you are moving.  A 10’ container has only 680 cubic feet, while a 53’ container has over 3600 cubic feet.

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